The right way and the wrong way to brush your teeth

Like everything else in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to brush your teeth. And in today’s blog at Inchicore Dental, we’ll look at the most common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth and what the right things to do are.

  • The brusher – for some, the thought of an electric toothbrush will send a shudder up their spine. For others, they wonder …why would you do all the work when the science has been developed to do it for you? When it comes to deciding which is best, it’s all about the brusher and less about the brush. If you are the sort of person to do a job thoroughly, you’ll do it regardless of what type you’re using. We’d recommend that the size of the brush and its bristles is all important. Ensure the handle is not too big or small and that you remain completely comfortable at all times when brushing. Make sure your brush is the right size and the bristles are tough enough to remove plaque but not so tough, they damage the teeth. Also remember to change your brush/brush head regularly.
  • The frequency – so how often and how long should you brush? We’ll give you a straight answer on this one! Aim for twice a day and try and brush for at least two minutes. If you find the time dragging, do something else as you brush. You may try watching TV for example. In fact, one thing the electric toothbrush can offer is a timer which in some cases is built in. But be careful, you can go too far! Overly rigorous brushing can remove the enamel on your teeth.
  • The stroke – put simply, brushing up and down is more effective than across your teeth. Simply because an up and down motion means you are more likely to get in between the tiny gaps in your teeth whereas if you brush across, you might literally gloss over them. And be thorough! Many people simply forget about the surface areas they can’t see. Like for example, where the tongue presses the inside of your bottom teeth. It’s also possible that you may be concentrating on one area of your mouth without realising it. To counteract this, try starting in a different place each time.
  • The brush – your teeth will only be well looked after if you care for your toothbrush too. Always remember to rinse it after every use and ensure it dries out before you use it each time. A wet toothbrush can still hold some of the bacteria you got rid of on the last brushing.

We all have our different ways when it comes to our daily brush. Considering it’s something you’re doing twice a day anyway, you might as well be doing it right. At Inchicore Dental surgery, we know that it can hard to be so attentive after a hard day’s work but you will reap the benefits when you brush your teeth the right way and try and get rid of those bad brushing habits.


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inchicore dental surgery
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