The 5 worst things you can do to your teeth

You’ve heard it all when it comes to tooth decay. And you may be tired of everyone telling you what to do and what not to do when it comes to caring for your teeth. At our busy surgery, we come across all sorts of dental issues and although we know the majority of people treat their teeth well, keep in mind that there are five major aspects of dental care that simply must be adhered to.

  1. Your teeth are not tools – while we have come a long way from the image of the tough guy in the movies opening bottles with his teeth, it’s amazing to still see people using their teeth to break, tear or open everyday items. If this is something you do regularly, just keep a pair of scissors handy as eventually, you will wear down your teeth or worse still, even crack them.
  2. Stop brushing – it stands to reason that if you don’t clean your teeth after you use them, they’ll eventually be overrun with bacteria and gum disease will be a certainty. Put simply, when you stop brushing your teeth, you will lose them.
  3. Not flossing or using interdental brushes – if you just brush and you think that’s enough, you could be doing so much more. Flossing and using interdental brushes only adds a few seconds to your routine and you will be amazed by the results. Ask us at your next check up all about flossing and using these brushes.
  4. Avoiding dental Checkups – well, you’re thinking, they would say that! But it‘s true. Even if you are diligent when it comes to caring for your teeth, there is some work that you simply cannot do. Like effectively deal with plaque or give your teeth a thorough cleaning, for example. Try and organise a checkup every eight months or so and be confident you’re maintaining a consistent level of dental hygiene.
  5. Food and drink – while we know that life is for living, it’s important to remember that some food and drink is very bad for your teeth. If you consume lots of fizzy drinks, you are almost guaranteeing some level of tooth decay. There is just too much sugar! So maybe try and replace your fizzy drink intake with water where possible. Fruit juices are seen as the healthy option but can also contain lots of acids and sugars too. Cigarettes are harmful for your health and they are also very harmful for the heath of your teeth too.

While we have taken some issues here and treated them in a light-hearted way, it’s important to remember that you naturally acquire only one set of adult teeth and it’s a good idea to take care of them as best you can. Ask anyone who has dentures and they’ll tell you … it’s simply not the same! If you have any issues or questions about any of the above, simply email us – we’d love to hear from you.


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