Why oral hygiene is so important

Good oral hygiene is about more than having a nice smile. We have always known that tooth decay and bacteria build-up have serious repercussions for your oral health but recent research has shown that poor oral health has negative impacts on other parts of your body. Not to mind the influence it has on your overall comfort, disposition and self confidence.

What happens when you neglect your teeth? Cavities are almost guaranteed when you stop looking after your oral hygiene.  Gradual tooth decay is caused by the build up of plaque when the protective enamel on your teeth is broken down. And this is when cavities develop. Plaque is the result of the build-up of food debris and the natural acid produced in the mouth to aid digestion. When the plaque is left to build up, it becomes tartar which is a very hard substance and can only be removed successfully by a dentist. Plaque often results in gingivitis and inflammation of your gums. The plaque produces its own acids which can pierce holes in your teeth’s enamel and these are called cavities.

When cavities become infected, this is when you feel the pain of a toothache or much worse. Proper brushing, flossing and using interdental brushes will help you fight the advance of cavities. And it often doesn’t just stop at your teeth. Recent research by the American Heart Association showed a link between good oral hygiene and heart attacks and strokes. In a survey conducted in Taiwan, it showed that people who get their teeth cleaned at least once every two years were 24% less likely to have a heart attack and 13% less likely to have a stroke.  The report argued that good oral hygiene reduces the growth of inflammation-causing bacteria.

And of course, like any other area of health, the better you feel, the better your overall well-being. It is harder to calculate certainly but good oral hygiene will improve your self confidence and greatly reduce bad breath too!

Avoiding the wrong foods is only half the battle. In order to maintain good oral hygiene and improve your overall health, you need to brush with fluoride toothpaste, floss and use interdental brushes daily. As well as defeating the enemy of tooth decay, it could have repercussions for many areas of your overall health in the future too.  Next time, you call in to us at Inchicore Dental, ask us all about the best oral hygiene plan for you.





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