Interdental brushes – what you need to know

For years, when it came to cleaning between your teeth, we used dental floss. This can still be very effective but the relatively recent arrival of the interdental brush has been a very important development when it comes to managing your own oral hygiene. Regular tooth brushing can only do so much so at Inchicore Dental Surgery, we recommend to our patients that interdental brushing is easy to do and will make your feel better too.

Think about how you brush your teeth at the moment. Your regular toothbrush only cleans the surfaces of your teeth and if you are very diligent, can clean a little in between the teeth. It’s between the teeth where the bacteria can hide and build up and this is where your interdental brush does its work. It’s important to remember that the interdental brush works in tandem with your regular brushing routine and is not a substitute.

Brushing between and not over …how to use interdental brushes

  1. Ask your dentist about what interdental brushes they recommend and remember to find out what the best size is for your teeth. Some manufacturers provide a range of sizes which match the gaps between your teeth. It’s crucial you use the right size, otherwise your brush may be too big or in some cases too small.
  2. It’s possible that you will require a range of different sizes as not all the tiny gaps between your teeth are the same size.
  3. Then insert the brush gently between your teeth. Look in the mirror for guidance.
  4. Move the brush full length back and forth a few times. If it’s your first time to use one of these brushes, you may bleed a little but this is perfectly normal. But don’t push too hard. If you are finding a lot of resistance, try another angle or a smaller brush size.
  5. Rinse the brush after use and replace when you see the fibres worn down.

Interdental brushes can genuinely prevent gum disease if used correctly. If you’re having trouble using them, just ask us at Inchicore Dental surgery and we’ll show you how to get the best results and keep your oral hygiene in top shape.

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inchicore dental surgery
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