How to choose your family dentist

Going to the dentist for some can be stressful enough but even if that’s never been a problem for you, it’s important to find the right dentist for your family. From their personality to their surgery and their experience, there are a few points to keep in mind when choosing the best dentist for your family.

  • Personality and approachability – while you are not looking for a comedian or to be entertained, someone who puts you at ease in the chair is always preferable. Patience, sense of humour and their ability to answer questions and talk you through the treatment are all good indicators of a confident and experienced dentist. Or you may prefer that the dentist keeps quiet as they go about their work! Experienced practitioners will know the best way to keep you relaxed.
  • Location – it can take a visit or two before you are completely relaxed in your dentists’ surgery. Keep in mind that when you or the family really need your dentist, it may well be an emergency, so choose one within a twenty or thirty minute drive if possible. If you live in a rural location, this may not be as easy but keep it in mind when making your choice.
  • Price – with a family dentist, regular visits can really add up so try and look for one that can offer you flexible pricing. We would never advocate choosing a dentist just because they are the cheapest but if you are selecting a dentist for your entire family, getting a fair price is certainly a consideration. Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist if they can offer you better prices for more treatments and more regular visits.
  • Children – let’s face it, kids just don’t really like going to the dentist so we need to make it as easy as possible for them. Ask your dentist if they have experience in working with children and what techniques they use to put the kids at ease as they go  about their work. In special cases, for example if your child has special needs, it may be advisable to attend a dentist with experience in dealing with children who require that extra little bit of care.
  • Qualifications – this sounds like an obvious one but make sure your dentist has qualified from a recognised dental university or college. You’ll typically find this information on their website and if not, do not be afraid to ask the question.

So, that’s our recommendations in a nutshell. Much of it is common sense but when you’re making a decision like this, it’s important you have the all the key issues in mind. But like many others service providers, getting on well with your dentist and being at ease as they carry out their work is probably the most important.


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