How to avoid bad breath

If you suffer from bad breath, you know it’s about more than your oral hygiene. It can affect your confidence and perhaps even dissuade you from social interactions and socialising in general. At Inchicore Dental surgery, we’ve had a think about bad breath and how you can deal with it, reduce it and make sure that it’s something that does not become a big issue in your life.

Tips on dealing with halitosis

  1. What you eat or drink – it does not take a genius to figure out that certain foods are more likely to give you bad breath than others. And not just the old reliables like garlic and onions. Spicy foods can linger for days and your bad breath may be down to not what you have just eaten but what you ate yesterday. Coffee and cigarettes have also long been known to have an adverse effect on your oral health. If you’re a smoker, you’ll know how bad your mouth feels after the night before and you can be sure, the smell is not too good either! So, watch what you eat and remember the impact it will have on your breath.
  2. Dentist – sometimes, it might not be clear what the reason for your bad breath is. This is where you need to talk to your dentist. At Inchicore Dental surgery, this is an issue we deal with every day so it’s important you talk to us about it and together we’ll find a solution. It may be a bacteria build-up or it might be down to something like a rotten tooth or an abscess.
  3. Your tongue – get into the habit of brushing your tongue as it’s often the culprit when it comes to bad breath. You’re brushing your teeth anyway so it will not take too much effort to incorporate the tongue into your daily routine.
  4. Flossing – even if you brush thoroughly, there may well be tiny elements of food caked between your teeth. These may linger and ultimately can cause very bad breath. Floss regularly and use interdental brushes and this is another source of halitosis dealt with.
  5. Mouthwash – once you are taking all these precautions, you should add mouthwash to the mix. Use an established brand that you know will have an impact. There are cheaper options on the market that may not be as effective. Ask us in the surgery about what brands work best.
  6. Natural cures include chewing parsley or even a pinch of cinnamon have been known to work but the best advice we can give in this context is to drink plenty of water. A dry mouth can really fuel your bad breath so it’s a good idea to keep well hydrated if this is something that affects you.

And there you have it. Five simple tips to keep halitosis at bay. If it’s still something that’s concerning you, talk to us at your next appointment and we’ll go through all your options.

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inchicore dental surgery
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